Music appreciation is about improving the musical performance of individuals as well as building knowledge of all types of musicians, composers and musical genres. SHUROLOK (Bangla; or ‘the universe of music’) was formed by some music lovers and performers of Melbourne. While the foundation membership comprises people of Bangali origin, it aims to build partnership between Bangalis and people of other ethnicity and linguistic background. SHUROLOK aims to reach out to as many facets of international music—vocal, instrumental, dance and overall appreciation of music, as a means to harness creativity in the society. Music will be the common thread in this link. SHUROLOK believes that creativity through music enriches human capacity for problem solving, and for inventing rich imaginative worlds, and for bringing societal harmony. All creativity deserves to be developed and encouraged. While not everyone is a Bach or a Mozart, that does not mean that they have nothing to contribute. Indeed we will never know if humanity has in fact lost another Bach or Mozart because they were born the wrong gender, in the wrong time, or the wrong place, or simply lacked the environment for full development.

We believe that there is an element of music and natural creativity present in everybody. The platform for learning and expression of the beauty of music is what SHUROLOK aims to offer. Not all music lovers need to be astute singers or accomplished performers.

If you love music, we love you. SHUROLOK’s door is thus open, as wide as possible for a variety of music lovers, performers, musicians or simply quiet listeners and critics.